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This event will bring together newer and more experienced community members to share knowledge, to network, i am a software engineer t shirt develop new skills, and to develop strategies for building strong local communities. The theme of the conference is “Building Locally, Connecting Globally”. When and where will it be held?

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1 June, 2018, at University College Dublin, Ireland. The conference location is the O’Brien Centre for Science at UCD. Submit an abstract for a lightning talk or poster. We are also seeking volunteers to chair sessions, help with marshalling and registration, as well as many other tasks. Email us if you can help. Attendees must be prepared to abide by our Code of Conduct.

We are providing travel assistance to facilitate attendance from as wide a group as possible. See the complete contact list here. Conference Format See the UCD map. Workshops We will offer a series of practical, hands-on skill-ups, workshops and breakout sessions to teach essential skills around coding, leading projects, community organization, curriculum development and other professional development ‘must-haves’. Networking Events There will be a series of social and other events, including a poster reception and a dinner, and other events to foster networking, especially among Instructors who might want to share workshop and teaching tips.