I don’t have a utility bill in my name

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But why did the chicken cross the road? Glycerol can be made without peanut oil as well. And for some reason it is not configured properly. Please forward this error screen to nc-ph-1586-47. ICO dates to December 31, 2018 giving investors more time to join us in this exciting endeavor with bonuses still available on Treon Tokens.

In addition to extending the ICO, we’ve changed our economics model to a deflationary model. 429M tokens through the end of the ICO. Any tokens not sold during the ICO, will also be burned. This protects the interests of existing and future token holders as the demand for tokens increases. The Treon vision is to create a new paradigm in the way consumers worldwide will pay utilities such as telecom, energy, and water, creating equal access to easy, reliable system of payment for everyone that avoids lengthy waits in line at utility office and serves the needs of the 3. I confirm that I have read, accepted and agreed to all Terms and Conditions, and I am of legal age.

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Our revolutionary blockchain service is designed to bring savings, transparency and ease of payment to over 1. We spend over 1000 hours of our lives paying utility bills Wherever you are in the world, paying your utility bills takes time and is often a frustrating experience. From missed due dates, to complicated payment systems, there’s never been an easy to way to pay. With Treon, billions of consumers over the world will be able to see, manage, and pay for all of their utilities through the one simple dashboard. Treon: All of your bills, in one place No more missed bills. The working prototype is available right now in the Google Play Store, ready to deploy to millions of users after the token sale and ecosystem launch.

Telecom utilities are at a more advanced stage in offering consumers digital solutions to enhance their experience. Treon will target telecom companies first to be the early adopters of the token and digital tool. According to GSMA, 2018 global telecom. In 2017, electricity generated around USD 2.

Our vision is to grab a considerable share of the online payment of household consumption through. Natural gas utilities generated USD 350 billion from consumers’ usage in 2017. Treon’s business-to-consumer vision is to capture a considerable share of ’Digital Payment for Gas Utilities’ bull market through its Utilities Wallet and TXO tokens. Taking payments onto the blockchain Treon intends to bringing thousands of utility providers from across the world onto one secure blockchain solution. This could eliminate hundreds of different payment processing solutions in one go, and transform how consumers and utility providers transact with each other. Powered by smart contracts Ethereum-based smart contracts are simple pieces of code that will only execute if certain conditions are met, so when you’ve paid your bill, it’s paid, with full transparency.

The Treon Smart Contracts Engine can also enable smaller utility providers to setup smart contracts between themselves and wholesale suppliers, bringing supply chain improvements right across the industry. Utility providers will be the enabler of the ecosystem Unlike many blockchain solutions that depend on constant marketing to grow participation, Treon’s TXO tokens and e-Wallets will be shared with millions of consumers by the utility companies themselves. Additional margins on TXO tokens for providers Utilities on our platform will receive additional margins on TXO tokens based on their annual transaction volume via Treon, allowing them to make additional profits simply by using the system. Security that can’t be tampered with Distributed ledger technology is incredibly difficult to maliciously alter due to its high levels of encryption, so users can transact securely with confidence.