I like programming but i not good at it

Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Pair programming means that all code is produced by two people programming i like programming but i not good at it one task on one workstation. One programmer has control over the workstation and is thinking mostly about the coding in detail. The other programmer is more focused on the big picture, and is continually reviewing the code that is being produced by the first programmer.

Programmers trade roles after minute to hour periods. This way, pair programming also can enhance team-wide communication. The main planning process within extreme programming is called the Planning Game. The game is a meeting that occurs once per iteration, typically once a week. Release Planning: This is focused on determining what requirements are included in which near-term releases, and when they should be delivered. The customers and developers are both part of this.

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Release Planning consists of three phases: Exploration Phase: In this phase the customer will provide a shortlist of high-value requirements for the system. These will be written down on user story cards. Commitment Phase: Within the commitment phase business and developers will commit themselves to the functionality that will be included and the date of the next release. Iteration Planning: This plans the activities and tasks of the developers. In this process the customer is not involved.

Iteration Planning also consists of three phases: Exploration Phase: Within this phase the requirement will be translated to different tasks. The tasks are recorded on task cards. Commitment Phase: The tasks will be assigned to the programmers and the time it takes to complete will be estimated. Steering Phase: The tasks are performed and the end result is matched with the original user story.