I.o.shen utility knife

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Please forward this error screen to almach. Access from your Country was disabled by the administrator. You need to login to do this. Another has fallen to my spear! And poke the long, safe spear. They are highly suitable for massed battles, much more so than the sword. This is due to their reach and the fact that they’re more effective at mounted combat and penetrating armor.

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This may be caused by the fact polearms are often Boring, but Practical: many longer spears — and especially the pike — are not terribly suited for single combat. Instead, they are defensive weapons, especially effective when used by infantry formations against the decisive force of the medieval battlefield: cavalry charges. In older or more primitive settings, early spears with tips made out of stone, bone, or obsidian will likely be seen in the hands of the Noble Savage. When a hero uses a polearm, he’ll generally wield it “open-fashion”, swinging it around almost like a staff. Spears may also be thrown, even if the weapon in question isn’t exactly built for it unless magic is involved. Lind’s Weapon of Choice in Ah! Her idea of “practice” is to have someone throw boulders over a cliff at her, which she proceeds to smash with said weapon.

As a child, Finland possesses one of these as well. Lisa Yadomaru’s Hagurotonbō is one as well and It’s huge. Sokyoku is a huge execution halberd. In Brave10, Jinpachi is the team’s spear-wielder. Several Knightmares in Code Geass are equipped with a lance. Daitarn 3: The “Daitarn Javelin” attack.