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Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a in portable meaning. It is completely portable and can be carried on USB stick or your smartphone. It is one of its kind Android Security Analysis Tool and is a one stop answer for all the tools needed in Android Application Security Assessment, Android Forensics, Android Malware Analysis.

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Just because i wanted something awesome instead of traditional virtual machines. Difference between Appie and existing environments ? Tools contained in Appie are running on host machine instead of running on virtual machine. As the name suggests it is completely Portable i. USB Stick or on your own smartphone and your pentesting environment will go wherever you go without any configuring changes. In the search for an awesome name, i found Appie which stands for Android Pentesting Portable Integrated Environment and the most important thing the name define itself.

Open the installer file and then complete installation process. I have also started a series on Android Application Security for the ones who wants to learn about android application security. Which tools are included in Appie ? Appie on even a freshly installed windows installation. It also has Mozilla Firefox with some security addons.

Nearly all UNIX commands like ls, cat, chmod, cp, find, git, unzip, mkdir, ssh, openssl, keytool, jarsigner and many others. Apktool can be used by the keyword apktool. Type androwarn in the console to open androwarn directory and then see usage for it’s usage. There are several files in androguard project. You can look about their individual usage on their website. For example, if you wanted to use androgui then just type androgui on the terminal. To open atom, type atom in the terminal and it will open Atom text editor in other half of the terminal.