In programming an object has to be declared when

There are three widely used programming paradigms: procedural programming, functional programming and object-oriented programming. The abstraction in programming an object has to be declared when simplifying complex reality by modeling classes appropriate to the problem.

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The polymorphism is the process of using an operator or function in different ways for different data input. The encapsulation hides the implementation details of a class from other objects. The inheritance is a way to form new classes using classes that have already been defined. An object is a combination of data and methods.

The data and the methods are called members of an object. In an OOP program, we create objects. These objects communicate together through methods. Each object can receive messages, send messages and process data. There are two steps in creating an object. A class is a template for an object. It is a blueprint which describes the state and behavior that the objects of the class all share.