In wall programmable light switch

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Availability: Usually Ships Within 24 Hours. Set the timer for sunrise to have lights turn off in the morning, or set a time in the middle of the night to save on electricity. Hate coming home from work to a dark house? SECURITY Beyond convenience, this advanced device is perfect for added security when you are away from home. A dark house looks empty, and makes criminals more likely to choose it when looking for their next victim.

Leaving lights on all day is almost as bad because although your house is lit at night, it still gives the appearance of the owner being away. It is the regular looking light switch that we are all familiar with. It will not work with the fatter rocker switches or any type of dimmer switch. The obvious choice is lights, but you can also use it to control space heaters, televisions, stereos, ceiling fans and much more. HOW TO USE ITWith this automated light timer, you can improve your life and make up for your laziness or poor memory by allowing it to turn things on and off for you. Once you have it installed, you can basically forget about it, so using it is more in the set up than anything. Immediately after installation, it will begin turning things on and off at the times, and on the days that you have set.

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HOW DOES IT WORK The function of this device is quite simple, and that is what makes it so great. It remains incredibly versatile and easy to use, thanks to this simple concept. Simply put, a plastic piece at the center of the unit fits over the existing switch on your wall, and moves up and down in order to flip it. The motor that controls this plastic plate is triggered by an advanced programmable timer. INSTALLATION This ingenious wireless switch timer installs right over the existing switch plate with a single screw.

It does not require any wiring, fancy tools, or excessive work. A regular Philips head screwdriver is all you need to complete installation. Simply remove the lower screw from the switch plate under the switch you wish to automate. In the process of programming, you will also set the current time for the clock which will display on the screen along with the current temperature in the room.

Most people can find at least one way to use it in order to save time, reduce energy consumption, add convenience or beef up security. It can be set to flip the same switch up to nine times a day, or 63 times per week, and can remain on for as little as one minute or as long as 24 hours. It’s as easy as setting an alarm clock, and it has a large screen to provide current information and make setting it up easy. Easily set any device hooked to a toggle switch to turn on and off at predetermined times. Great for vacation or everyday security and convenience. Easy install and setup takes only a few minutes. No wiring involved, easy to install and program and works wonderfully!

AND can be removed easily also. The only tool needed to install is a screwdriver! This light switch timer is exactly what we needed. So thankful that this product exists.

The unit is a bit larger than I thought it would be, however it fits the bill. Easy to program and easy to install and it does the job. It works exactly the way it is described to. I am in love with this product! I work all kinds of weird hours, so it’s nice to have product that turns on the porch light for me when I set the timer feature. Transaction was smooth and device was shipped very quickly.