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The laser printer is very expensive to buy but cheap-ish to run. It’s very old, very slow, and very noisy. IT also has a poor output quality, however it’s cheap to buy and fairly reliable. The quality of print is high, and they are quite fast printers. However, the printer inks are very expensive, and if the print-out gets wet, it has a tendency to smear. This is very expensive, but they have millions of shades of colours Solid Ink printers are page printers that use solid wax ink sticks in a “phase-change” process. They work by liquefying wax ink sticks into reservoirs, and then squirting the ink onto a transfer drum, from where it is cold-fused onto the paper in a single pass.

Solid-ink printers offer better color consistency than do most technologies, with little variation caused by changes in temperature, humidity, or type of paper. Dye Sublimation printers are professional devices widely used in demanding graphic arts and photographic applications. True these printers work by heating the ink so that it turns from a solid into a gas. The heating element can be set to different temperatures, thus controlling the amount of ink laid down in one spot.

In practice, this means that color is applied as a continuous tone, rather than in dots, as with an inkjet. Portable printers are usually fairly lightweight and sometimes carry the option of using a battery instead of drawing power from the computer. Usually they realize basic print resolutions suitable for plain text printing. You can find on the market the following types of the portable printers: Thermal printer, Thermal transfer printer and Ink-Jet printer. The main advantage of thermal and thermal transfer printers is that they can be very small. Plotters are large-scale printers that are very accurate at reproducing line drawings.

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They are commonly used for technical drawings such as engineering drawings or architectural blueprints. The two basic types of plotters are called flatbed plotters and drum plotters. Flatbed plotters are horizontally aligned with a flat surface to which a piece of paper is attached. The paper remains stationary and the printer moves pens across the paper to draw the image. Digital Photo printers Many middle range printers are now able to print photo quality images. Usually an option with color printers, specialist photo print heads allow a greater resolution to be achieved to improve photo image quality.

Photo ink jet printers expand their gamuts by adding additional ink colors, usually light cyan and light magenta. Network printer is a printer that provides output capabilities to all network users. Multifunction printers: combine top-quality color ink-jet or laser printing with plain-paper and PC faxing, color copying and color scanning , telephoning- all in one convenient, space-saving machine. If you work from home or have a small office a multifunctional device may be ideal.

DVD printing system that can truly be called innovative. It combines automatic, robotic-based CD or DVD printing along with full-color, 2400 dpi disc printing all in one compact, desktop unit. Printers for banking: these printers realize innovative technology and functionality to increase productivity, and reduce costs. Different types of printers are dot matrix and Laser printers. Dot matrix prints by dots while Laser printer prints by spraying. What_type_of_device_are_monitors_and_printers”,”content_title”:”What type of device are monitors and printers? How_many_types_of_printers_are_there”,”content_title”:”How many types of printers are there?

Then the paper goes through a fusor to fuse the toner to the paper. Solid ink – Xerox only, uses wax based crayons to put an image on paper. What_types_of_printers_are_available”,”content_title”:”What types of printers are available? How_is_a_laserjet_printer_different_from_an_inkjet_printer”,”content_title”:”How is a laserjet printer different from an inkjet printer?

Then the toner is transferred to the paper and melted in to the paper. You can look up more of this process at the other related link below. The bottom line is inkjets have a better print quality, although most are slower and can’t be repaired if they break. Laser printers are made to print thousands, if not millions of pages in their lifetime. What_is_the_difference_in_printers”,”content_title”:”What is the difference in printers? Ink printer and plotters use a printhead that moves back and forth and sprays the ink onto the media. Types_of_printers_and_their_examples”,”content_title”:”Types of printers and their examples?