Is a portable air conditioner good

If you are the account owner, please submit ticket for is a portable air conditioner good information. Discover a personal indoor air cooling solution that is portable and vent free! It’s a huge advantage over other kinds of portable unit that by their very nature need to be vented to the outside.

That’s even in a room that doesn’t have an accessible window. When you read this article, you’ll discover the common sense benefits of choosing a truly vent free space cooling option that really will keep you feeling nice and cool in the hot summer months. With regular mobile, room air conditioners, their portability is actually pretty limited to places where there is an easily accessible external wall outlet to the outside. That’s because they produce a hot air exhaust which is a by-product of the heat exchange system that allows them to create chilled or refrigerated air to keep you cool. In most cases, there won’t be a customized outlet for fitting the hot air exhaust venting pipe to.

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So it will usually end up being poked out of an open window or door, meaning some of its benefit is lost thanks to there being some hot air from outside that’s allowed to get in! Some users have places they habitually use and block up the openings with cushions, strips of thick foam rubber or other insulating material, but it never looks very good. However you do it, you will have to find a means of getting that hot exhaust air out of the house, because if you don’t it will simply blow into the room creating a net heating effect! Which is exactly what you do not want! When Vent Free Means Vent Free! Truly ventless air coolers are of course the types of device called evaporative coolers, commonly known as “swamp coolers”.

These units cool the air by evaporating moisture through some loose knit, porous material that is kept wet thanks to being partially immersed in a reservoir tank of water. A regular fan blows air through the material, evaporating the moisture and creating a cooling breeze that can effectively reduce the air temperature in a room by as much as thirty degrees or more. Because there is no compressor to run or refrigeration process to exchange hot air for cold, there is no hot exhaust air produced, meaning there is nothing that requires a venting hose or exhaust pipe. Swamp coolers literally take room temperature air and blast it through a wet membrane to produce cold, humidified air. With no other mechanical workings inside them, they use very little power, making them far cheaper to run than regular room air conditioning units. So that’s how they work and what gives them true portability in every sense of the word.

Which Windowless Vent Free Air Cooler Models Are Best? Update for 2016: There are some really awesome evaporative air coolers available to buy this year. The Honeywell came up tops for me personally as it’s a great looking, compact model that packs a pretty impressive output rating for the price. It can cool a space anywhere up to 320 sq ft by an amazing 25 degrees Fahrenheit or greater depending on the room’s humidity level. 9 gallon water reservoir means the necessity of refills are few and far between. For me that’s important as it can provide a long period of constant cooling. Easy glide wheels make it a cinch to move around to where I need it and it’s very cheap to run.