J software dictionary

This is Microsoft’s answer to Java and Sun. They intend for the world to use Microsoft products happily ever after, j software dictionary on and off the Internet.

JScript is a very powerful tool for creation of imaginative Web sites. Java programming language to write applications that will run on Microsoft’s . While Microsoft does not support the Java Virtual Machine as part of . An example of online shorthand commonly used in chatrooms, E-Mail and instant messages. This often comes after you have just crashed due to a virus handed down in some sort of communication. You seldom get to see it. To log in to a machine or connect to a network.

Derived from cyberpunk fiction, insinuating to steal or hijack. Java is platform independent object-oriented programming language. Java interpreters have been ported to every viable computing platform in existence. This is an aid to determine if Java in your browser is enabled. Java is an object oriented programming language created by Sun Microsystems. Java is a device independent language, meaning that programs compiled in Java can be run on any computer. Java programs can be run as a free-standing application or as an applet placed on a web page.

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Applets written in Java are served from a web site but executed on the client computer. Java applets have a built-in security feature which prevents them from accessing the file system of the client computer. Here is the Java version of “Hello World! Among other advantages, beans provide a bridge between Java and ActiveX.

A scripting language that allows lines of Java code to be inserted into HTML pages. An acronym for the Joint Electronic Devices Engineering Council. An acronym for the Job Control Language. This script language was originated by IBM for the mainframe world of the 1960s and later. C for UNIX, PERL and many more. JCL is an ASCII file with each command on a line terminated with a line feed and carriage return. A recent spinoff similarity is PJL, created by HP.

An acronym for the Java Development Kit, a programming environment from Sun Microsystems, in reality, a type of SDK. A new project from Sun Microsystems that allows instant connectivity of devices within computers and networks. The technology is in Beta now and due for release in late 1999 or within 2000. The software for this project is written in Java, also from Sun, for total portability. Interference on an analog line caused by a variation of a signal from its reference timing slots.

Jitter can cause problems in the receipt of data and any subsequent processing of that data. An image compression standard for still photographs that is commonly used on the web. A type of calendar numbering system that does not use months or years as the foundation for advancement. Each day since the beginning of time is assigned a number and increments by one each day thereafter. In most computerized accounting systems, a current date is converted to Julian to track the number of days between dates.