Laser engraving software g code

Gcode software bring you more delightful experience. Due to popular request and based on laser engraving software g code suggestions, we are proudly presenting laser cube 2. 0 and easy G-code generated software !

Please note: Contacting us via email is the quickest way to reach us. Improvements made the laser cube 2. It is our improved level laser cube. Comparing the original cube, laser cube 2. 0 provides you a upgradeable working area. Supper Easy G-code software is for all kinds laser machines which are G-code file required ! For example, it supports laser cube, laserblade, Mr beam, Microslice and Hubble ,because all of them are using the same GRBL firmware.

How easy of easy Gcode software is ? Only three clicks to finish your Gcode files. While some people have trouble to use some software for G-code file, Easy G-code Software is used by simple way to help generated your solid or fulfilled images in a short time. 0 is also as a kit ,it comes with all the parts you need to assemble and operate your own laser cube. Main Details of Laser Cube 2. How to upgrade a bigger size frame of laser cube?

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The function of laser cube 2. 0 supports higher operating working area. If you want a bigger laser working area than laser cube 2. 0, you can build your own frame. What elements are included in the Laser Cube 2.

Laser Cube Controled by the Grbl Motion Control Software, it uses standard G-Code to interpret designs. For G-code file, you have options to chose a software for it. In Easy G-code software, you can use your favorite images or pictures, through Easy Gcode software to generated your Gcode file , and send to the laser for cutting or engraving. Safety Laser can injure or blind you if not use properly. Please alway wear appropriate eye protection when operating the Laser .

The laser cutting process also produces fumes that may be toxic from certain materials. Make sure the air good enough around your working area . Keep it away from children and other people who are not familiar with using such a cube. 25,000We are going to enhance and improve parts of components. They will optimize our cube and make it works and looks better. The new one is built inside of the heat sink. The fan is placed on the top for ventilate the air and provide more protection to longer its lifetime.