Lesser known software companies

Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. I recently bought a new PC a high end Lesser known software companies 7 HP with great specs and an SSD drive for Windows, a 1 Terabyte drive for data etc.

When I used to use XP I had a little known product for backup called Bounceback Ultimate by CMS. It was a great product ALSO very simple to use. REALLY worked as I was able to recover my whole system more than onceall programs installed all serial numbers in tact etc etc. So I DID finally figure out why it would not boot, I fixed it did a factory restore losing ALL my data and programs. I decided now that all is well again I don’t want backup software with a zillion options. I JUST WANT it to WORK! So REBIT seems to be THAT software.

Rebit 5 would not backup my OS, only my data drive. So for the first time in my life I got in touch with Customer support. Got back to me same day both by phone AND e-mail. He told me EXACTLY what I needed to do to get REBIT working on my system. Truth be told, Rebit 5 is not fully compatible with MY system though it IS supposed to be compatible with W7.

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Customer support actually upgraded me to a slight variant of REBIT 5 only difference is the pro version was compatible with my system. REBIT seems to be all about simplicity, has SUPER customer supportand costs less than any other backup software I can think of other than FREE but will FREE work? So I would have given REBIT 5 stars but as I did have trouble with REBIT 5 THOUGH I think it’s my system NOT a rebit problem. Now that I am running rebit pro is just seems to be working GREAT. I can’t comment on a restore YET. I have to leave off one star.

This product was touted with a lot of fanfare. The reviews and hype made it look great. The company quit operating on November 1, 2015. I don’t know the reasons, but I had already replaced it with Western Digital’s Smart Ware Pro backup software on all of my computers. Smart Ware Pro is excellent in all regards.

The Pro version allows your software to work with many, many brands of hard drives. It is what Rebit could have been. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. There was a problem loading comments right now.

It is very noisy during the back up. The back up happens any time when you make addition to any data. You cannot make it perform back up at certain time. The fan noise is my biggest complaint. 10 hours straight, all over the night. The sudden noise is very annoying. I wish I could set a schedule to back up only during the night, but Rebit does not have such custom setting.

Meanwhile, the lack of custom setting will be very effetive for computer laymen. The basic installation configuration is very fool proof. I want to elaborate on some things. Rebit’s back-up process is “real-time” and continuous so it’s frequently scanning for files that need to be backed up, or backing up, or making recovery points.

All the while it’s stealing a lot of computer time to do this. I’ve got 2 GHz dual core CPU and I still get bogged down. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to open the Rebit console and “pause” whatever activity Rebit is doing in order to get on with my primary task. Since Rebit’s back up process is real-time, any file save, even auto-save will likely be backed up. If you know you have a bad file that’s been backed up, to can’t go to your back-up drive and get rid of it. You can’t use Windows Explorer, by itself, to examine the file structure in your back-up drive, or see individual file attributes, like file size or time-date stamp.