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Appraisal or assessment follows on from the scoping stage of a HIA, where the potential health impacts which have been identified are assessed and evaluated using the available evidence man u programmes. HIA is a much more detailed rigorous exercise than either a rapid or intermediate HIA. It usually involves the participation of the full range of stakeholders, an extensive literature search, secondary analysis of existing data and the collection of new data. These terms are applied to groups of people who, due to factors usually considered outside their control, do not have the same opportunities as other, more fortunate groups in society.

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Examples might include unemployed people, refugees and others who are socially excluded. March 2000 in areas experiencing high levels of long term unemployment in order to help long term unemployed people get and keep work. Employment Zones pool funds for training, Employment Service support and the equivalent of benefit to maximise flexibility and choice. Its origins lie in the US National Environmental Policy Acts of 1969. In the same way that HIA explores the effect of policies, programmes and projects on health, EIA does the same in terms of environmental effects. Equity in health implies that ideally everyone should have a fair opportunity to attain their full health potential and, more pragmatically, that no one should be disadvantaged from achieving this potential if it can be avoided.

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