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Place your order now for delivery priority! Click here for California’s Proposition 65 warning. This product is out of stock. Noise level while running is 92 dB. Please Note: The Nomad is recommended for filling PCP guns only and is not to be used for breathing air.

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Break free of SCUBA shops, handpumps, and carbon fiber tanks forever with the Nomad 4500 PSI Portable Compressor from Air Venturi. While shooting at your backyard range, use the Nomad to power your shooting sessions with a standard 110V or 220V wall outlet, but when you want to hit the range, the Nomad’s portable nature really comes through. Take it with you and connect it to a standard car battery for fast fills on the run. In as little as 9 minutes, the Nomad can take your average 250cc PCP cylinder from 0-3,000 PSI! With fill times like that, you’re definitely headed for hours of trigger time.

Each portable compressor includes an adjustable automatic shut-off on the gauge to set the ideal fill pressure for your airgun up to 4500 PSI. Also included: a fill hose with an integrated moisture catch, bleed valve, female quick-disconnect fitting, and the necessary power converter. Roam where you please with the Nomad from Air Venturi. The days of hand-pumping your PCPS are gone for good! 0 – 3000 psi in approx. Things I liked: by far the best thing to come along since pumps.

3 air pumps and repairing them. Things I liked: I am very pleased with this air compressor. My Benjamin hand pump kept blowing gaskets and I got tired of spending money and time rebuilding it. I didn’t want to purchase one of those water cooled contraptions from China although the pricing was pretty good.