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The NBC correspondent Katy Tur captured national attention on the campaign trail, singled out by Donald J. 4 5 multimedia journalist jobs los angeles 4 1 2 1 .

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The NBC correspondent’s rise at the network mirrored that of the presidential candidate she covered and occasionally battled with. Trump yelling at her at one of his rallies, as hundreds of heads turned in her direction. She’s such a liar, what a little liar she is! Trump insulted over the course of the campaign season, but she was the target of some of his sharpest attacks. Sometimes I questioned whether I wasn’t making a big enough deal out of it. I don’t think he would mention someone’s name repeatedly if it wasn’t personal. Tur, 33, had been at work all day, anchoring her 2 p.

Wearing little makeup, her hair pulled behind her ears, she shifted in her chair, slouching one moment and propping herself the next. But I will say this: I know that had I exhibited any sign that I was intimidated or scared of him, he would have rolled over me. Things between them didn’t get off to a promising start when she did her first sit-down interview with him, at Trump Tower. Tur at a rally for Mr.

Trump in New Hampshire the night before he was elected president. Over the 18 months of the campaign, she got a close-up view of his unpredictable style and bombastic personality. There were moments when he surprised me, but I was never shocked. I was not shocked when he won. Trump’s sudden rise mirrors that of Ms. Just two years ago she was a foreign correspondent for NBC, living in London. But she happened to be in New York when the future president announced his candidacy, on June 16, 2015.

How would you like to spend the summer in New York? We want you on Trump’s campaign. It will be six weeks, tops. But hey, if he wins, you’ll go to the White House. A year or so later, she had captured national attention. Then there is the afternoon anchor slot, which MSNBC gave her in January.