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News about China, including commentary and archival articles published in The New Multimedia journalist resume Times. China is the planet’s most populous country and second largest by land mass.

Its civilization is one of the world’s oldest, and it has maintained an advanced economy for two millennia. China has become one of the globe’s fastest-growing post-industrial economies since reforms were put into place in 1978 by Deng Xiaoping and his supporters, and its rapid industry growth since then has led to competition with the United States and Europe. Keep up to date on breaking news in China and explore our extensive archive below. China Seeks Allies as Trump’s Trade War Mounts.

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Mystery of the Midterm Elections: Where Are the Russians? Two Babies, Two Dads, Two Cultures — Can They Do It? A gay, biracial couple is raising twins. How Capitalism Ruined China’s Health Care System Sept. We would love to hear from you. Students should list the number of years spent studying a language. Membership in language clubs or participation in international programs should also be included.

Resumes for entry-level jobs should highlight the number of years an applicant studied a language. Practical applications of language skills in previous jobs should also be included. Executive resumes should highlight language skills that are relevant to the industry or market the applicant is seeking to work in. Manager resumes should highlight ways that an applicant’s language skills have been useful in previous management roles. An experienced professional resume should only include language skills if they have been relevant or useful in previous positions.

Waste and Recycling Spanish, Fluent: Being born in El Salvador before I became a Canadian citizen, I was born speaking spanish. I moved to Canada at a young age, however so aside from speaking fluent Spanish I can speak English equally as well. French, Beginner: Been taught French in school in grade 8. Skills decreased during the years of not speaking it.