Napisan in portable toilets

You napisan in portable toilets a typo in the request, e. Please contact your webmaster if you are not sure what goes wrong. Someone asked about this back in May, in another thread about toilets, but no one has answered.

I thought I’d start a new thread. Firstly, I really like the sound of a rimless toilet. There are even more They all claim to have the best and original design and the most efficient flushing system. So, I am hoping that we have some experts in our midst that could advise me. Has anyone seen these rimless toilets in action?

The idea seems great to me, but what do I know? Geberit parts, so that spares in the future can be sourced. Also, I came across a youtube video, demonstrating how to retrofit a toilet. They said that there is no way of knowing which toilet will fit the existing outlet pipe, until the old one was removed. As I only have one loo in the house, removing the toilet , then going shopping for a new one, will make the whole process very long and problematic.

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Don’t even have any friendly neighbours and the closest toilet I could “borrow” in 20 minutes away. Seems to me I need to find a good plumber, but again, no idea how to find one of those. I am new to the area, so don’t know anyone close by. Been told they don’t like advising on brands etc. So, I am really hoping that someone here can help me. I would really appreciate any help. I spent about 2 months looking at all of this.

Never seen anything stick while travelling in Japan through various houses. Got some on order for our new place due to finish in about a year. Do these rimless loos actually work ? The morning after the night before with a large vindaloo curry and six Guinness washed down with a kebab ? Or when the girls drop those things in there that aren’t supposed to be dropped in there ? We currently have the old Caroma Dual Flush ones, hit the ‘Full Flush’ and you can be confident that it’ll syphon away all of the above, a small child and a large cat in one go !

Building a new house and wondering whether to take the gamble. I found the Caroma can deal with “the above” but a solid tradesman’s bog is going nowhere. It just winks at you until you get the plunger from the shed. If I had the money to burn I’d install Japanese toilets throughout our house.

I’ve never been happier to use a toilet than I was in Japan. I actually asked a friend if it would be possible to get hold of one and he laughed at me! Which was my question, but so far, no one here seems to have used one. I’ve been saying that for thirty years since I first used push button loos in Japan. Not easy though when the hotel didn’t bother to put Engrish instructions! It was a case of “what does this button do? BTW, a mixture of homebrand nappy soaker and water can be used and is much cheaper than using the store bought chemical toilet chemicals.