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7 Near me software companies Ago So far, the weather has been a lot bigger problem on Election Day than all the cyberattacks and influence campaigns people were worried about. Cybersecurity FUD and paranoia serves nobody, especially around elections. 8 Hours Ago Long Island City, where Amazon is said to build its next headquarters, is a neighborhood going through a a massive transition. It’s called Siri Shortcuts, and you can use it to add even more power to Siri.

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Here’s how to use Siri Shortcuts. 6 Hours Ago Shares of cloud software company Twilio surged more than 10 percent after beating financial expectations across the board on Tuesday. 5 Hours Ago Jim Cramer consults the charts to see where the tech company is headed after recent declines. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc.

5 Hours Ago Jim Cramer and technician Carolyn Boroden use the charts to predict upcoming moves in the stock of Apple. 5 Hours Ago A deal, which is not final and could still fall apart, would give Commscope more scale with a more diversified product base, while it would provide an exit for Arris as fewer customers watch traditional TV from set-top boxes. 7 Hours Ago Buy Apple stock during this period of volatility as the tech giant becomes “a consumer products company and a services company,” portfolio manager Timothy Lesko says. 8 Hours Ago The conference is a rare opportunity for Alphabet employees to come together from the various teams dabbling in health care, including Google Fit, Nest, Google Brain, Verily and Calico. It’s billed as an academic conference. 7:12 AM ET Fri, 26 Oct 2018 Innovative new technologies are giving leaders the tools to shape more sustainable, profitable businesses and better engage with both employees and customers.