On center software

Paid time off starts off with about 3 weeks during the first year. Not much on center software to grow, but it also depends on which department you work.

The CEO is very helpful and hands-on. Workplace is very casual and relaxed atmosphere. Lunch is provided at least 3 times per month, along with a monthly company catered luncheon. This company is ran by Construction Workers who never accomplished anything in life but landing a job in upper management.

You will be treated like a telemarketer which you will be referred to behind your back. Until a true team of professionals running On Center Software happens this company will soon fail. On Center Software is a great place to learn about the software and technology industry. Working at On Center opened my eyes and showed me what it was like to be creative and innovative. The employees are all creative and highly intelligent individuals who definitely know how to think outside the box. I was able to learn how a business runs within a small company.

Overall a great place to work for professionals with a family. On Center was a great place to work. The development team I worked with was intelligent and professional. The place as a whole is a bit odd as it’s a sales company who caters to the construction industry while attempting to maintain a software development environment.

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Love the new structures and opportunities we are moving into, keep it coming. Doing the work of 2 positions and only getting paid for ONE position. Management doesn’t know where we will be in 2-5 years. They will lie and say that you can move up but you cannot. Unsure if we still have a CEO, since we are merging with Constructconnect. There is no stability at the moment. Do not know if I will have a job within the next couple of years.

Stop giving out false hope to your employees. On-Screen Takeoff is a valuable product. The company is being dismantled to save costs as it is absorbed by a much larger and more advanced software organization, Construct Connect. It has been a great place to work until the last year or so. Good pay, casual dress code, and oh yeah, lots of free food. There is no leadership, only figureheads who do not know what they are doing.

The products are not cutting edge and OCS is losing ground daily to competition. There has not been any management in the sense of leading by example and growing individuals based on their talents and contributions, The ones who kiss up to whoever is in charge at the moment get preferential treatment and those who don’t get the shaft. 100 for every time I heard a lie told in front of the whole company at a luncheon or a meeting I would have a nice stack of cash. I used to love coming to work and now it is hard to face the place every day. They keep telling us it is the best place to work in 100 miles, and that is a great example of how out of touch leadership is with the regular folks. Bring in real managers, not just friends from your hometown. Treat your employees like you would like to be treated – fairly, honestly and with respect.

Nurture what is good in employees and help them to become better at what they do. Stop lying – it is embarrassing! They really try to spoil employees – Monthly lunches, amazing snack room, free ice cream! You’ll have to watch out for the On Center 15. Great people to work with, a lot of laughter, felt welcomed by everyone right away. This company has been around for almost 30 years, so you feel like you’re a part of a legacy.