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How can I do that with SQL update command ? And what would be the criteria for updating various rows to different values? How can we tell what transform to apply to each row? Can you be a bit more specific about the structure of your database. Are each of those columns or are some values of columns? Is the SKU the primarykey on your table? No formula for calculating the size.

I’ll give it a try with your suggestion. Worked great for me, thank you Damien. Saved a bunch of unnecessary UPDATE statements. I was using the above query with primary key as the WHEN condition. Many dialects of SQL have a notation for doing updates via joined tables.

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The main WHERE condition is need to avoid setting the size to null where there is no matching row. You can probably also do it with a MERGE statement. But the key insight for any of these notations is that you need a table to do the mapping between SKU and size. You either need a table or you need an algorithm, and the sample data doesn’t suggest an algorithm. I hv to update it with the correct value though some SKUs will remain as 10. Do you have a list of some sort that tells you what to set?

Bob And what difference does it make? If the value is to remain the same, don’t set it or, if setting it keeps the same value, then so be it. Bob: it must be documentet somewhere. So can’t you just generate the sql statement with my sql as template? The whole idea behind this question was to do this in a single query I think. You refer, I take it, to the “massage file data” part, right? Because I’m at a loss how Perl would help with vague verbal instructions or numbers on a piece of paper, or whatever it is that the intern might have to deal with.

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