Opposite of concurrent programming

This is a list of topics and books where I’ve read the opposite of concurrent programming, am familiar enough with the topic to say what you might get out of learning more about the topic, and have read other books and can say why you’d want to read one book over another. Well, there’s the pragmatic argument: even if you never use this stuff in your job, most of the best paying companies will quiz you on this stuff in interviews. On the non-bullshit side of things, I find algorithms to be useful in the same way I find math to be useful.

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If that’s you, you’ll probably prefer Skiena. Just for example, there’s an entire chapter on Van Emde Boas trees. For a couple years after I read this, when someone would tell me that it’s not that hard to reason about the performance of purely functional lazy data structures, I’d ask them about part of a proof that stumped me in this book. I’m not talking about some obscure super hard exercise, either. I’m talking about something that’s in the main body of the text that was considered too obvious to the author to explain.