Pentax k-r software download

Firmware in pentax k-r software download document is the software that runs inside digital cameras. If the collaboration model is updated with this software, original start-up screen is deleted and it is changed to standard start-up screen. Contents of and earlier version will be also updated. Optimized contrast AF when using HD PENTAX-DA Limited series lenses.

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Transfer rate is not compatible with UHS speed class. All ISO sensitivity setting can be used on Bulb mode. Improved functional sequence for Contrast AF and improved total speed until in focus. To check the version number, turn your camera on while holding down the MENU button. The version number will appear in the center of the LCD screen.

Copy right RICOH IMAGING COMPANY, LTD. SDHC card by connecting the camera directly to your computer. Extract downloaded file The following two files will be generated once the downloaded file is extracted by double-clicking. The text file that explained update procedure in details. Update Firmware Please read the readme. This software may only be used by users who own the K-r. This software is covered by a software license agreement.