Portable b scan ultrasound

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A complete cystouretheroscopy is performed by the physician utilizing the Percuvision technology. Medical necessity for a uretheroscopy such as a history of difficult c theterizations, abnormal anatomy, or a recent difficult catheterization. Some payers will require documentation with the use of the -52 modifier. The standard method of determining PVR urine volumes is intermittent catheterization, which is associated with increased risk of urinary infection, urethral trauma and discomfort for the patient. Bladder ultrasound has been introduced as an alternative, noninvasive method, to avoid the potential complications of intermittent catheterization. PVR ultrasound is not considered to be medically necessary when performed for routine screening purposes or when no treatment is planned regardless of the finding.

Contractors may specify Bill Types to help providers identify those Bill Types typically used to report this service. Absence of a Bill Type does not guarantee that the policy does not apply to that Bill Type. Complete absence of all Bill Types indicates that coverage is not influenced by Bill Type and the policy should be assumed to apply equally to all claims. In particular, as we proposed the following services may be furnished under a minimum of general supervision.