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Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Portable chargers are a great investment. If you have a smartphone that you’re always glued to, portable chargers will give you some much-needed juice so you’ll never have a dead phone. They’re also perfect for anyone on the move, with some portable chargers being able to go a day or two without direct access to an outlet. With portable chargers, the prices and the quality of the battery can vary greatly.

It is snow proof, dirt proof, drop proof, and water proof. It’s great for anyone who is going camping and wants to bring an extra power source with them. Innogie’s Air Power Bank is a sleek, slender well-designed power bank. Its thin design allows it to be kept in your pocket when traveling. It can be used to recharge a smart phone up to three times.

It can be used to charge a IPhone 6 up to 7 times. It is one of the highest rated chargers on Amazon. 99, Crave’s Travel Charger is definitely worth its’ price. It’s incredibly compact and portable and charges devices incredibly quickly and efficiently. Villain Technologies’ Portable Charger has the awesome ability to charge two devices simultaneously.

It’s well made and can charge your phone up to 10 times. It’s also slim and sleek for what it can do. It can charge two devices simultaneously and is really simple to use. It can also take minor damage without breaking due to its’ design. With an unconventional design, Allsolar has created a portable charger that stands out with its solar power design. It can charge most smart phones 3-4 times and can charge up to two devices at once. It has an incredibly reliable LED indicator of charge built in to the side.

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RAVPower has outdone themselves with their external battery charger. It has a built in flashlight, two outlets for charging devices, and the ability to charge an IPhone 6 almost six times. Occasionally, we write about items that are a part of one of our affiliate partnerships and we will get a percentage of the revenue from sales. We’ve all suffered the sudden, all-encompassing horror of a dead phone. The accusing looks and hushed criticism of family and friends.

That blank screen on the commute home that leaves you at the mercy of your chatty fellow traveler. The sudden loss of Google Maps as you turn into an unfamiliar neighborhood. The sinking feeling as you realize your phone alarm didn’t go off because you forgot to plug your phone in last night. Why, oh, why must our smartphones die? We feel your pain and that is why we’ve been checking out some of the best portable chargers on the market.

Until there is a real breakthrough in battery technology, a portable charger might be the best solution. We have something here for you, whatever your needs may be, from a bucketload of power for a camping trip to a pocket-friendly solution for your daily commute. If you’re craving the versatility to charge any device in the room, but you still want something reasonably portable, then the Omni 20 is set to become the new object of your desire. This unassuming square with sloping corners packs a multitude of speedy charging options. While Omnicharge may have literally cut corners on the exterior, you’ll find everything you could need inside. There’s a proper AC outlet, just like a wall outlet, capable of putting out 100W to power a laptop or other large devices — you could even plug a TV into it. 3A and the second supports the Quick Charge 3.

0 standard, so whatever smartphone you own it should be able to charge at top speed from this power bank. Next to the power button you’ll find a wee OLED screen that shows the remaining power as an amount and as a percentage. It also displays how much power is currently coming in, how much power is going out, how much time before it runs out of juice, and the temperature. On the other side of the screen there’s a rocker to turn on the USB ports and the AC outlet. This is a seriously versatile device that will charge up just about anything. You can also dig into the settings using the OLED and fine tune your charging preferences, turn the fan off, turn the screen off, and tweak various other bits and pieces.