Portable generator during storm

Enter the portable generator during storm you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. American homeowners experience a power outage every year.

Seventy percent of electric power outages are caused by inclement weather – thunderstorms, lightning strikes, hurricanes, tornadoes and blizzards. Heavy ice or severe wind can break tree limbs, which knock down electric power lines. Most power outages only last minutes or hours. Last Update: 14th May 2018 Are you currently looking for the best portable generator? Are you eager to find a generator matching your needs but struggling to choose one?

We can perfectly understand your situation. With so many manufacturers and models available on the market along with their different wattages, noise levels and design types applicable for various situations, there is no easy choice to make. Which type of the generator is the most suitable for your needs? Do you need a portable generator for RV? What specifications should you look at? What is considered to be the really quiet generator?

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In the following portable generator reviews we will answer these and other questions, presenting you some of the highest quality generators currently being on sale in the United States. After countless hours of research and comparative analysis we have finally selected 10 models which according to our knowledge and experience can truly compete for the title of the best portable generator, no matter in which situation you are planning to use them. RV and emergency power source for households. Westinghouse is one of the oldest and the most beloved manufacturers or electronic products in the world. There are numerous portable generator reviews left by Amazon and Walmart customers which prove that this is indeed one of the most popular and the top quality portable generators currently available on the market. The full enclosure under the cover prevents the electrical connections and components from being damaged in a storm. Even during the heavy rain, the risk of rainwater damaging the engine is practically nonexistent.

Complete coverage for the engine makes it easy to take care of, and you may wipe off the cover easily after a rain storm or spill. The generator comes with four outlets you may twist and four more outlets that do not twist. You can plug anything into it at any time, and you may power a whole home using just this generator alone. WGen7500 is a relatively small generator that provides a good bit of power using a small amount of fuel. This means that there is no situation in which you cannot start the generator. Pulse-Flo muffler that keeps the noise level minimum while using the generator.