Portable shower sprayer

This article needs additional citations for verification. The health faucet is a portable shower sprayer of water for people who prefer using water rather than other methods of cleansing after defecation or urination.

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The shower is an alternative for the traditional sources of water for this action, such as the bidet, copper pot or bucket and mug, being more hygienic and compact. There is no contact between the spray of water and the used water drainage. The bidet shower is common in all predominantly Islamic countries and in most parts of Asia where water is considered essential for anal cleansing. Bidet showers are used by Muslims in Muslim countries and all parts of the Arab world as well as in Asia in order to cleanse themselves with water after using the toilet. In Europe, the bidet shower is used for example in Finland and Estonia. Bidets are more common bathroom fixtures in many southern European countries. Asian Thai Bidet Toilet Spray Sprayer Shower Rinse Hygiene Bum Gun Complete Kit”.