Portable wifi with sim card

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Read our full disclosure policy here. Like the rest of South East Asia, Thailand offers a lot to travellers. For those looking to stay connected while they’re there, the good news is that buying a local SIM card is a straightforward and inexpensive process, with decent data speeds and good coverage almost everywhere. Here’s what you need to know.

While you can also buy SIM cards and service from resellers, there’s little point in doing so for most short-term visitors to the country. AIS has the largest market share, and also has a large network of Wi-fi hotspots that you can access as part of the more expensive packages. It seems like you’re rarely far from one of these hotspots, which don’t count towards your mobile data allowance. The company sells prepaid service under the 1-2-Call and you! Although the latter provides more flexibility, most travellers will find themselves using 1-2-Call SIMs as they’re more widely available. I’ve used dtac’s Happy prepaid service in the past, but now tend to stick with AIS due to those Wi-fi hotspots. Like many other things in Thailand, buying a SIM card is simple.