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Best Free Antivirus: We look at the four best free anti-malware solutions on the market right now, updated with the latest results in September 2017. Antivirus might not be as vitally important to your online safety as fear-mongering security firms might have you believe, but for those who want to surf the web worry-free, it’s always a good idea. And with so many decent free options available, the choices have never been wider. Here, we look at Windows 10’s built-in Defender and three of the best alternatives. Detection engines The key part of any antivirus software is its detection engine. Such engines use a vast library of data on known threats and compare it to the files on your computer and web pages to see if they look like, or behave like, threats. Modern antivirus software constantly monitors your PC and scans software, files and websites in real-time to detect potential threats, but you can still run manual and scheduled scans for extra peace of mind.

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By default, most AV programs run an optimised scan that checks the files most likely to have been compromised. Windows 7 system with two 2. AV-TEST: A well-respected organisation that tests every major AV firm to their absolute limits. AV-TEST produces results based on protection, false positives and system performance impact. SE Labs: A UK-based antivirus testing firm that uses up-to-date threats found on the web at the time of testing. The company also tests for false positives. The test data we’ve used was collected between May and June 2017, using the most up-to-date versions of the antivirus software available.

AV-TEST carries out both real-world testing, in which systems are exposed to live contaminated websites and emails, and reference set tests, in which several thousand malicious files collected in the previous four weeks are introduced to the system. While you don’t have to hand over any cash to download free antivirus software, its makers need to fund their business somehow. Some products, such as Avira, show unobtrusive adverts, while others are paid to bundle software and services from other companies with their product’s installer or web browser plugins. Any product that’s available in paid-for, as well as free, versions, will encourage you to upgrade with varying degrees of persistence, with some including buttons for features that are only active for paid users in their main interface. Many free AV providers encourage users to register for free accounts by providing online monitoring tools that you can use to manage and secure other devices associated with the same account, such as phones and tablets. Our reviews detail any obtrusive advertising or promotional features in each free AV suite and, where possible, tell you how to avoid them.

Antivirus software also by default reports back to its manufacturer when it encounters unknown malicious and even benign files. This data gathering is an important function of free antivirus suites as far as their creators are concerned. In practice, it means that the malware databases upon which the software relies are kept constantly up to date, helping to protect all users and making both paid-for and free versions more accurate. PC hardware, free and open source software, and knows more than anyone would ever really want to about cloud-based software and services. Big-brand AV software goes free-to-use Kaspersky’s release of its new Free Antivirus has instantly made it one of the top players in free malware protection, as it uses the same detection engine as the company’s well-regarded commercial products. Currently, the program is only available from the company’s global site, and only in US English, although regionalised versions are promised in the coming months. As with most free antivirus software, Kaspersky Free also suggests upgrading to a paid-for version if you want extra features.