Programmer salary in south africa

I am a 28 yr old who is considering moving to Canada. I look for programmer salary in south africa job whilst still in SA? What is the average salary for one to survive?

How are the people especially in working enviroments? We decided in Feb this year that we had had enough, and that we were going to Canada. Three months later we were in Canada – so far very happy and dont regret move. My wife managed to track down a job in the optical industry. The employer must give you written confirmation of your job offer. In the application your employer must motivate why they are offering the job to you and not someone locally. It does help if your skill falls within the skills shortage category.

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It will take two weeks to get the LMO back and this must be forwarded to you. That done you need to get a police clearance and submit this with your job offer, LMO, photos, passport etc. After about two weeks they will instruct you to go for a medical at a specific doctor. Once this is done you should have your work permit about 5 weeks later.

Things are more expensive than SA if you compare directly but definately easier to have a good quality of life. Technicians earn from 2500 – 4000 per month , a geologist earns between 3200 and 5500 and a bus driver between 1800 and 3000. Middle management is about 4500 per month. The tax here is higher than SA as you pay both federal and provincial taxes BUT schooling and medical here is FREE. People her are generally very friendly and South Africans are very welcome.