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They typically received in-service training in the “technology of the day”, which becomes obsolete within a short period of time. Enterprises are aware of this, and prefer that employees are educated in the fundamentals of the discipline. Download the full brochure in PDF format – 5. IS BOUND TO BE ADJUSTEDTO MEET STUDENTS’ FLEXIBLE TIME SCHEDULE Students should report if any of their modules are not on the timetable. AND-U Tutorial College is a legally accredited and registered Private Tutorial Institute located in the heart of Pretoria CBD. About Us The School of Computing cherishes many milestones that date back to its origins in 1967 when it was still known as The Department of Computer Science and Information Systems. Educational Technology, ICT4D, a flagship research group, Information Systems, Security4U and Software Engineering.

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You have no items in your shopping cart. We’ve built our online courses specifically for you as a UNISA student. Our videos, notes and questions are designed to take you through your full syllabus and give you the exam technique you need to get through your exams. CTA courses contain all the necessary tuition support material for you to embark on your four tests and examination for CTA at UNISA.

This will include video content, simplified reading material and infographics as well as a discussion forum. In addition, we provide past paper questions and our own original exam preparation questions to help you be calm and ready on exam day. Our DEMO courses are jam-packed with enormous value. When you register, you will receive free access to the first study unit of each of our accounting and auditing courses. How do I log-into the Online Classroom ?

How do I use the Online Classroom ? How do I apply a coupon code? How do I buy a course ? With Tabaldi, you can do it! At Tabaldi we know that studying accounting is tough. This is especially true for distance learning students studying at Unisa, who don’t attend face-to-face classes and therefore don’t have access to lecturers. For many, if not most Unisa accounting students, the road to success is long and hard.