Programming like scratch

This also includes the latest Scratch 2 features that includes cloning and writing custom code modules. Create a cat and dog programming like scratch game whilst learning the basics of how to use Scratch. Do you fancy creating a set of moving eyes that follow your mouse? Watch the video tutorials on the left-hand side to find out how to re-create the eyes.

Pause the video after each point and recreate the game yourself. You can use the graphics provided in the zip file on the left. Create a car racing game for two players. This game is fun with your own graphics. You can also use the graphics provided to give your game an arcade look. Try to extend the game and add in some extra features of your own. Learn to create a game which allows you to pilot a helicoptor through the caves by watching the video and copying what you see.

Did not find what they wanted? Try here

Download the graphics from the zip file on the left-hand side. In this activity you will create a tank which could lead to your own game. Watch the video on the left-hand side to find out how to create the tank game. Learn how to create another classic game. Watch the 2 videos on the left-hand side to find out how to create an asteriods game. A fabulous project where you create fish, get them to swim around the sea and then make an evil shark to gobble them up. There are lots of skills and commands used in scratch and students end up with a game that they will genuinely play.

There are plenty of extension possibilities with this project. Nice little game here where we teach you to make parrots fly on random paths,then shoot them and make them disappear. For good measure we shall even show you how to keep the score and set a timer to shoot all the parrots within. In theory the perfect score would be 50. We challenge you to build the game and try and reach that score. We don’t think anyone could unless they were very lucky!

Perhaps this really should have been the first set of video tutorials as in this series of videos you will learn to make the first ever video game called Pong. Basically it’s a bit like tennis. They sold the console that played this game for the price of an XBox or PS3 you know. Secretly once you make it you will play the thing with your mates. Here’s another little game to try based on a top down racer. Videos 1 to 3 are complete but video 4 still needs a little work. Once you are familiar with Scratch, hopefully you will be able to figure out how to put things right.