Programming under mach

General Config you can select the baudrate and either 8-N-1 or 7-N-2. Has your question already programming under mach answered?

Chemical Plant Project size is small . Bid Schedule which is Master Schedule with overall duration  for EPC. I know Plot plan of the Project under preparation  , client has issue only ref. My Project manager pushing me hard to finalize the schedule, i never work before with this kind of PM.

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Please let me know what is the way to prepare a L3 schedule with out detail information for PM as well as Client. How i can reply to project manager, even he is aware of all situation. I would say to build the schedule have to start from the structure as we call it WBS and it should be from the Contract Scope Of Work. Contractor Supplies, and further by Diciplines level 2, then further by equipments per diciplines.

Since your project is a design and build project, obviously you do not have enough information to do a detailed programme. However, a Level 3 programme can actually be done. Your PM just wants to have a clear guide or a road map on when activities should happen. Based on your high level programme, Work your level 3 construction activities from start to completion. Hope this helps you with your task. Level-1 Schedule , Linked  as fellows. I think you managers seem like  typical manager, you need not have to worry , since you have already prepared level 1 schedule.