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You may use this domain in examples without prior coordination or asking for permission. Dr Olushayo Olu, WHO in Rwanda, describes the work of WHO to support the Government in providing a community-based health insurance scheme for people working in the informal sector. Nexus Q is a discontinued digital media player developed by Google. The Nexus Q received mixed reviews from critics following its unveiling. David Pogue described the device as being ‘wildly overbuilt’ for its limited functions. O 27-29 June 2012, but the product’s consumer launch was postponed in July 2012, purportedly to collect additional feedback. Those who had pre-ordered the Nexus Q following its unveiling received the device at no cost.

The Nexus Q was quietly shelved in January 2013, and support for the device in the Google Play apps was phased out beginning in May 2013. Home”, which aimed to provide an Android-based framework for connected devices within a home. The Nexus Q was the first hardware product developed entirely in-house by Google, and was manufactured in a U. Google engineers to inspect the devices during their production. Google designer Mike Simonian explained that its form factor was meant to represent a device that pointed towards “the cloud”, and “people all around” to reflect its communal nature. The Nexus Q runs a stripped-down version of Android 4.