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Covers what questions to ask, how to get the answers, and how to improve your presentations as a result of audience analysis. 10-article series examining the six steps which are necessary to prepare a speech, reduce nervousness, and combat fear. 5-article series examining presentation analysis as a key skill to improve your speaking skills. Your guide to the 10 speeches of the Toastmasters Competent Communicator Program. Comprehensive guide to this powerful speechwriting technique as it applies to crafting memorable phrases, speech outlines, and speech humor. Speechwriting Crafting content which is compelling and memorable.

Best Man Speech: What’s the Key to Succeed? What is Ethos and Why is it Critical for Speakers? What is Pathos and Why is it Critical for Speakers? What is Logos and Why is it Critical for Speakers? Delivery Techniques Body language, vocal variety, audience interaction, and other advice to deliver your message effectively. Should a Speaker Apologize to the Audience? Are Your Speech Gestures Too Small, Too Big, or Just Right?