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Difference in height between original placement target and final target. If none, place element in first location that does not follow a reject element. Not going to place element: return 0. When the power grid is close at hand, most smartphones and tablets have no problem lasting through a full day. But take that plentiful electricity away, and keeping our gadgets going becomes more difficult—despite many recent advancements, battery technology hasn’t kept up with our constant need for more power.

Of course, some will argue that taking technology camping, for example, is silly when you’re trying to escape the trappings of city life. I tested a number of portable chargers, batteries, and accessories designed for off-the-grid use, some of which can work indefinitely out of reach of a power outlet. As it turns out, during the several months that it took to work on this article, the city I live in suffered severe flooding and a record-setting ice storm, each of which left me without power for several days, giving me ample opportunity to test many of the devices in settings that were uncomfortably realistic. Bracketron says a full battery charge should provide up to 48 hours of illumination.