Reviews of portable air conditioners

Discover the vent free solution that exists right here, right now as the evaporative reviews of portable air conditioners saves you a lot of money in running costs and is cheap to buy too! This section of the website is given over to answering the concerns and questions of many room AC unit users that are looking for an alternative way to stay cool.

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People like you that are looking for a portable cooler without the hot air venting hose and the high running cost of their current power hungry monster! That’s because there is a huge difference both in the way the two types work and what you can expect from them. Let’s take a moment to compare the two by first looking at each type and how they work. It takes the warm air drawn in the back of the unit, pumps it through the refrigeration section which sets up an exchange of hot air into cold air using CFC gases, then pumps out the chilled air via the front of the unit. The hot air that is produced by this exchange is pumped out via the vent hose which needs to be passed to the outdoors somehow, usually by hanging the hose out an open window or a dedicated ventilation opening through an external wall. It takes a lot of electricity to run this process, typically 1-2 kilowatts, which is why they are quite expensive to run.

If you have one or more of these in your home, you probably dread your power bill dropping through your door at the end of the month! A Portable Air Conditioner Without Exhaust Hose Venting? You probably often read about the kind of portable or free standing air conditioning unit that doesn’t need an exhaust hose trailing out the back of it. And maybe you believe this is a wonderfully convenient and attractive appliance. Unfortunately, the truth is that a true AC unit must vent the hot air it produces to the outside via an exhaust vent or hose.