Scroll to top programmatically android

Let the diagram show more that one series in a graph. You can scroll to top programmatically android a color and a description for every series. Append new data live or reset the whole data. Handle tap events on specific data points.

A legend can be displayed inline the chart. The labels for the x- and y-axis are generated automatically. But you can set your own labels, Strings are possible. It’s possible to give the data in different frequency. You can limit the viewport so that only a part of the data will be displayed. You can scroll with a finger touch move gesture.

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Set vertical and horizontal axis titles. There are many hooks to use in order to do custom rendering or changing the paint objects. I wanted first to thank you for your awesome library! So easy to customize and integrate into my app , and gives my users great visuals.

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Do the treeview have the same nodes in each? Not the answer you’re looking for? What is the correct way to create a single-instance WPF application? How do I exit a WPF application programmatically?