Short bed utility truck

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No Imports – We make what we sell! Over 30 reasons to buy your truck body from Highway Products. Your company does things different from other companies even in the same industry. Why shouldn’t the biggest tool, your service body, be unique as well?

You have to agree, building your body the way you want it will save time, which is money. That’s what Highway Products can do for you. 2 Your Truck Body Must Be Weather-Tight! 1984 for our semi and heavy truck tool boxes. It was so successful we carried it over to our truck body products. You can see the simplicity of this design makes sense and is very weatherproof. We use lots of aluminum to build our products.

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Light Weight Saves Fuel – Saves Wear and Tear on your Vehicle. Give you more payload capacity . 6,000 per year in fuel ! Depending on your truck, we figure, conservatively, you will save at least .

20 cents a mile being 600 to 1000 pounds lighter with a Highway Products aluminum service body. If you put 30,000 miles per year on your truck, 30,000 x . Use the example below to figure your savings from your mileage last year. What’s the biggest threats to service bodies? Rust is the number one killer of service bodies.

Especially in the northeast regions of the USA where salt is used for ice control. Steel just does not hold up to it. You can put all the fancy coatings you want on steel but they cannot withstand the constant sand blasting from the road and they can’t paint the nooks and crannies where moisture sneaks into. They may look good from the topside but underneath is where they get blasted and underneath is where they fall apart. Some service bodies don’t last more than a year. We use a marine grade aluminum that is used by boat manufacturers world wide. We also make aluminum boats so we’ve already been there.

You don’t need to paint them at all and they should last longer than you do. Repairs are hard to do and expensive. A steel bed will cost you more to transfer than the body is worth. Add a new coat of paint and you look brand new! 8 How do you put a price on wear and tear? 4 ton truck where a steel or fiberglass body might require a 1 ton truck. Then you can figure the cost difference between the two in fuel mileage, tire cost, and tire mileage.