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We have compiled pros and cons, as well as vital facts of each product to write the review. Remember that one thing cannot work for everyone as we all have different likes, dislikes, and needs! However, we hope that through this article, you are able to make an informed decision on the best inversion table to perfectly fit your needs. High-quality inversion table made by Teeter. Great features improve experience and provides better ankle comfort while inverting. Quality inversion table with one of the most affordable prices. The safety pin provides a secure inversion experience.

Sturdy and capable to hold heavy weight of over 350 lbs. Best used by comfort demanding users. The highest quality and premium features make it the best on the market. Best suited to those searching for the best-quality regardless of price. Our first rank goes to the well-known inversion table brand, Teeter. It is one of the best you will probably ever find on the market and this judgment is due to the features it possesses.

Now, let us explain the amazing things the back-pain relief kit can do in helping you release all the tension you piled up with just a single 5-minute inversion exercise on this table. The back pain relief kit comprises of Acupressure Nodes that works like acupuncture. These nodes hit those stress points and helps the body to let go of the tension. The kit also comes with a Lumbar Bridge that further enhances the traction. Whether you are fully or partly inverted, you can subsequently enjoy better stretching with this.

What is nice is that you get to move and lock the lumbar to a height you are comfortable with. It will help stretch that tensed area in your body when you need it. The combination of the Acupressure Nodes and Lumbar Bridge from the Back Pain Relief Kit gives extra traction to the back and helps relieve you from your pain faster and more effectively. The fast rate if pain relief is triple the power of most other tables out there. Another great thing about this table is its comfortable secure ankle lock.