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Jump to navigation Jump short programming definition search Not to be confused with Short-circuit test. This article needs additional citations for verification. Short-circuit operators are, in effect, control structures rather than simple arithmetic operators, as they are not strict.

C , the second expression requires B to be defined, the first one does not. Because the conditional connectives thus complicate the formal reasoning about programs, they are better avoided. 1 ABAP has no distinct boolean type. 3 This only applies to runtime-evaluated expressions, static if and static assert. Expressions in static initializers or manifest constants use eager evaluation. 4 Fortran operators are neither short-circuit nor eager: the language specification allows the compiler to select the method for optimization. IEC 10206:1990 Extended Pascal allows, but does not require, short-circuiting.

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IEC 10206:1990 Extended Pascal supports and_then and or_else. 8 BASIC languages that supported CASE statements did so by using the conditional evaluation system, rather than as jump tables limited to fixed labels. Free_Pascal default to short circuit evaluation. This may be changed by compiler options but does not seem to be used widely. This feature permits two useful programming constructs.

If the first sub-expression checks whether an expensive computation is needed and the check evaluates to false, one can eliminate expensive computation in the second argument. It permits a construct where the first expression guarantees a condition without which the second expression may cause a run-time error. Problems with unperformed side effect statements can be easily solved with proper programming style, i. Jump to navigation Jump to search This article is about recursive approaches to solving problems. For proofs by recursion, see Mathematical induction. Tree created using the Logo programming language and relying heavily on recursion.