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The Innovative Solutions Award recognizes solutions that are groundbreaking and provide quantifiable business value for end-user. Free Sample Opt-In Email Data Of Your Choice! Download 1,000 free, no obligation full data records with hundreds of choices of targeted interest selects software as a service naics your sample!

We will add data credits to your account so you can choose to download whatever type of data you want with as many interests selects as you desire! Database emailer is the largest opt-in email database in the United States. Opt-in means that people have expressly agreed to receive product offers and specials by email. Click on this graphic to read the rest of the article. FACT : DBE’s Email Landing Page system allows AUTOMATED and ANONYMOUS tracking of emails opened, links clicked through, and email landing page hits. You never have to ask interested people to provide their information like phone number, address, name, etc.

I highly recommend DBE’s automated marketing software and hundreds of demographic criteria selects. DBE’s competitors only want to sell you a fish they don’t teach you how to fish like DBE! DBE gives you an online marketing edge. DBE is the Wal-Mart of Opt-In CLEAN Data! FACT : If you need an automated way to reach businesses you need Contact Page Submitter It automatically submits tens of thousands of your messages a day auto inserting on the fly the executives name from an uploaded business list as if you personally took the time to visit every website! The DBE lead system, has been invaluable in building our database of business contacts. I have not found any other lead supplier with anything close in terms of quantity, quality, and price.

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FACT : Did you know that DBE’s principal also owns www. A very reliable data resource, with experienced staff serves us well as they offer industry solutions. No one compares to what they offer. Answer Webinars at 2 pm eastern. Join a call and see why DBE gets so many referrals.

FACT : You can use software described at Free Local Data to automatically collect and export into a spreadsheet unlimited business data by business type and geo location from online Yellow Pages Directory and Maps. Their optin data and over a dozen software dominates the industry. I spent 2 hours online searching data suppliers and you simply can’t get clean full opt-in email records with hundreds of demographics to select anywhere like DBE does. FACT : Imagine simultaneously going to Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Ask and doing a targeted industry search and then exporting all your targeted businesses into a convenient data file! Penn Jersey Signs has used DBE the past three years to grow our business. We’ve more than doubled three years straight.

DBE lets you own the data with unlimited use for less than what others will only rent it! In the 1st six months using DBE Emailer and Contact Page Submitter software we added ten times the number of new paid subscribers to our business coaching program than other marketing approaches. The quality of the opt-in records, the ease of use of the software, along with the great support and training. FACT : DBE’s principals also own www.

SUBSTANTIAL enhancements to Microsoft’s Outlook email system. Companies are able to dramatically reduce nonproductive time for its employees. I continue to make money with the opt-in data and innovative tools they have developed. I have been in the Direct Marketing business for over 30 years and right now the database is the only source anybody needs to be successful in any type of direct marketing-! FACT : You can freely obtain unlimited and targeted B2B data from over 200 countries by using B2B Lead Generator.