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In New Zealand, the rail industry also carries freight by sea software engineer job description anzsco the North and South Islands. This means additional careers including ferry drivers, forklift drivers and other roles involved in freight handling.

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They may also inspect trains, report defects and carry out adjustments, shunt rolling stock in marshalling yards and sidings along the line, and refuel diesel trains. Passenger train: a passenger train is one which includes passenger-carrying vehicles and can often be very long and fast. Passenger trains travel between stations or depots where passengers board and disembark. In most cases, they operate on a fixed schedule and may have superior track occupancy rights over freight trains. Freight train: freight trains may include containers where the trains may measure up to 1. 5 km long and weigh 2,500 tons.

Freight trains typically have different train forces from passenger trains. There are many different types of freight trains. One of the most common types are container trains, where containers can be lifted on and off the train by cranes and loaded off or onto trucks or ships. Knowledge, skills and attributesA train driver needs to be punctual and reliable. Maintaining concentration is of critical importance in this role as is stamina and the ability to work both independently, with little social interaction, and as part of a team.