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If you are the account owner, please submit ticket for software engineer v facebook information. Connecting the world happens in real time.

We invent and build smarter, more meaningful experiences on a global scale. Giving people the power to share and connect requires constant innovation. At Facebook, research permeates everything we do. Learn more, including about controls: Cookie Policy. Facebook updated both the newsfeed algorithm and the privacy settings. There are two very important rooms that will help determine the future of the Facebook News Feed and, by extension, the way more than a billion people communicate.

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One is in a corner of Facebook’s new 430,000-foot, Frank Gehry-designed building in Menlo Park, California. The other is in a nondescript office park in Knoxville, Tennessee. They’re tasked with assessing the billions of likes, comments and clicks Facebook users make each day to divine ways to make us like, comment and click more. In Knoxville, a group of 30 contract workers sit in a room full of desktop computers, getting paid to surf Facebook.

This is a relatively new vision for how to keep users hooked on Facebook—by asking users themselves. In 2014 when the program launched, the social network had already tuned the News Feed into a powerful engine, sucking up our time and pumping out ad revenue. Nearly a billion people around the world now look at Facebook daily. The company runs the second-most-popular website in the world and the most-used mobile app in the United States. News Feed is at the epicenter of Facebook’s success.