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In addition there are macros for the statistical software packages R, SPSS, SAS, S-Plus and STATA to facilitate survey data analysis. Software The WHO Anthro software for PC has been further updated to allow users to correct for cluster sampling in the software of age calculator of nutritional surveys. Additionally the survey module includes now the option to collect address data similarly to the individual assessment.

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This information can be useful for mapping and stratified analysis. Before downloading the software please read the license agreement. To download the software and respective manuals click on the links below. We recommend users to study first the manual, in particular the description of the requirements and installation.

NET framework and then download the software. For manual installation on mobile devices via e. Should you encounter problems with the download due to slow internet connection, please send your contact details to the address below and we shall mail you a CD ROM including the software and manuals. Please note: This is not a helpline address. AJ Design Software Science Math Physics Engineering And Finance Calculators Below are the sites most popular pages. See Index pages for a complete list. Design software for solving the required calculations for building bandpass, sealed and vented speaker and subwoofer box designs.