Software test engineer jobs abroad

Post a job Already a client? What can I do with my degree? Software test engineer jobs abroad is also carried out on the different components that make up these aircraft and systems.

In some companies you may be known as an aeronautical engineer. You’ll be concerned with improving flight safety, fuel efficiency, speed and weight, as well as reducing system costs and using advancing technologies to meet customer needs. The role is increasingly addressing the environmental impact of air travel. 40,000, depending on the level of your expertise. You may be offered a starting salary at the higher end of the band if you have a Masters or research qualification. Larger, more renowned employers typically offer larger salaries.

Income figures are intended as a guide only. You may need to work on an on-call consultation basis, dealing with such issues as a change in the priority of repairs or in case of an emergency investigation. Working at the forefront of technology makes long career breaks difficult, as you need to keep up to date with industry developments. Travel to sites and other industrial companies to examine or test aircraft may be required. Design work in a laboratory will involve the use of sophisticated computer visualisation tools and software. Jobs are widely available in a number of locations in the UK and abroad.

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The main aerospace manufacturing locations in the UK are the South West, the Midlands, the North West, Northern Ireland, the South East and Wales. The UK has a very advanced aerospace industry, which is at the forefront of technological and scientific development. Only a small percentage of women are working as aerospace engineers. You’ll need to show dedication and enthusiasm.

Workloads may vary from day to day, and can be a stressful job when deadlines approach. The work must be precise, as the consequences of human error can be serious. Travel within a working day and absence from home overnight are sometimes necessary to visit aircraft workshops or hangars. Overseas travel may be required to attend courses and conferences on aeronautical engineering. Many large aerospace companies offer graduate training schemes in the engineering field and require a good degree, usually a 2. Entry with a HND only will not usually be possible for these programmes.