Stop iis programmatically c#

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IIS 6 and older ships with a utility script called ADSUTIL. This script should be run using CScript, which is installed with Windows Script Host. In other words, this tool lets you change IIS metabase settings programmatically, from the command line. I see that at least one other attempt to deal with this by distributing both cscript. VBScript and distribute with my own little app instead?

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I ran into a similar issue recently and decided to just rework a small bit of vbscript to use in a custom action in an msi installer. It can take a bit to figure out the core of how adsutil. I’ll post my own answer and credit your suggestion. I worked in JShumaker’s answer to solve the problem. Not the answer you’re looking for? IIS: How to get the Metabase path? Install a website to the physical location of an existing website using Installshield?

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