Stop programming

1973, offers tailored fitness with an inclusive community feel. NYHRC operates nine Stop programming locations that reflect NYC, emphasizing fitness as a lifestyle. Meet: 9:30 AM at the NE corner of 18th Street and Broadway.

The tour is free of charge. Nobles at 33 East 17th Street to take part in this 90 minute tour. This tour is free of charge. Volunteers share their favorite neighborhoods in New York City with visitors from around the world. Experience Greeting for yourself by taking a 15 minute walk around the neighborhood with a volunteer Greeter! Test your NYC recycling skills at this interactive demo and learn about free resources for reducing waste, composting food scraps, reusing and recycling clothing, and more with GrowNYC’s zero waste programs funded by the NYC Department of Sanitation.

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Quizmaster and Manhattan Borough Historian, Michael Miscione, will pose questions about the history, geography, and culture of New York. If you score enough points you’ll win a NYC sewer alligator! CITIBIKE Citi Bike Car Free Day: In partnership with Mastercard, Citi Bike will offer free day passes to all on Car Free Earth Day. Bike NY Bike Safety Quick Check: Bike New York will teach you how to determine whether or not your bike is ready for a ride. Cyclists will learn how to conduct a quick, simple and easy-to-remember bike safety inspection including proper tire inflation for a safe, smooth and efficient ride every time.

WE Bike NYC “Bike Parts Bingo” and “Tips and Tricks for Being a Savvy City Cyclist”: WE Bike NYC will hold two fun workshops to help participants overcome barriers to cycling in the city. Bike Parts Bingo” will teach participants about the parts of the bicycle so they can be more confident about using and maintaining their bike. Brooklyn Boulders Foundation Rock Climbing Training: Brooklyn Boulders Foundation will offer a rope tying workshop to demonstrate safe and effective preparation for rock climbing. After tying successful climbing safety knots, participants will be awarded with items used in the outdoors such as, sunglasses, hats or other items. Appalachian Mountain Club Explore the Outdoors: Since 1876 the AMC has promoted the protection, enjoyment, and understanding of the outdoors while helping people of all ages and abilities to explore and develop an appreciation of the natural world.

Stop by our area to learn more about how you can get outdoors with us, test your nature knowledge through trivia games, or learn new skills with building a tent. Van Alen Institute Crossroads Conversations: Transit in the Face of Climate Change: Harnessing the distinctive power of public space as a platform for unexpected encounters and compassion between strangers, Crossroads Conversations invites members of the public to join in 10-minute conversations with a fellow stranger facilitated by journalists and subject area experts. Project for Public Spaces Streets as GREEN Places: Reimagining streets as places is about helping people begin to see streets in their entirety: not just their function in transporting people and goods, but the vital role they play in animating the social and economic life of communities. Riders Alliance Riders Alliance: Often times, riders feel powerless when their train or bus is consistently unreliable. But riders have the power to use their voice as constituents, and to take action when public transit lets them down.