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You could be tripping up your sales force with outdated software that, while it works, stop software center service’t do enough for your staff or your customers. You’re not just up against other call centers – you’re up against integration with websites, social media, email, and traditional mass mail. I’ve been using this system for about a year now and can say after a full year’s cycle the benefits of this dialing system far outweigh any others I have reviewed. IMPROVE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Inbound or outbound, no matter what industry, a company’s call center is a vital touchstone for the client experience.

MAKE DEDICATED BUSINESS DECISIONS Industry specific needs require industry specific solutions. B2B or B2C, your call center needs to have data at its fingertips. MAXIMIZE SALES See what your call center associates are doing with their phone time. Robust tools keep track of how many contacts are made with clients, sales completed, and how long they pause between calls. LOWER OVERALL OPERATION COST Whether you make or receive calls, you can control your costs and even interface with common apps to increase productivity. Your staff will love the functionality, your accountant will love the bottom line. Modernizing your call center can maximize productivity and profits by working with your agents and sales force, instead of locking them into repetitive procedures that waste time.

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Productivity is at your fingertips with hundreds of apps integrated through Zappier, connecting you to the tools your call center needs. You’ll notice upticks in customer satisfaction, retention, and in your staff’s morale, too. Robust analytics help management to keep their fingers on the pulse of the call center. Even better, this modern call center can be set up and running in minutes, not days. In the world of call center software, the answer should be NO. Specific industries have specific needs to address for their agents and their clients.