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The CM Series The original six-sure p programme pdf series by Charlotte Mason in the original Victorian language, modern English paraphrase, and concise summaries. Articles and Topical Discussions by Advisory members and current AO users about Living Books, Living Ideas, CM’s Principles, Science, KJV and more!

Exams from Charlotte Mason’s PNEU schools. A New Grammar of the English Tongue by J. From the Bible for School and Home series, written by J. The Book of Genesis by J.

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The Gospel Story, part 1 by J. Which Volume Should I Read First? Gaps by Wendi Capehart – What if we forget to teach something? Readaloud discussion – does CM discourage reading aloud? Should I Combine Children in 1 Year to Streamline our Schedule?

Should Pictures Have a Place in Education? Does Research Support Quality Over Quantity? Should I wait until my child is 6 to move on to Year 1? Why does AO use evolutionary books like Hillyer’s CHOW and Van Loon’s Story of Mankind?

Level Should I Place My Child? You Know You’re Hooked On AO When . List of Attainments – Charlotte Mason’s lists of what a child know at age six, and at age 12. Use of this curriculum subject to the terms of our License Agreement. The project involves teams of researchers and policymakers in seven African countries and is supported by research teams in three European countries and Canada. Policy dialogues Policy dialogues have been hosted by the African partners to discuss each policy brief. Policy dialogues are interactive, knowledge sharing mechanisms that facilitate interaction between researchers and policy makers.