T mobile wifi booster

Massive 2W Output Power, Easy USB Installation, Long 15m cable as standard and a Waterproof design for outdoor RV and marine use. It is marine grade, and is designed for a permanent outdoor mounting so can be used on your sailing yacht, power boat, motorhome, caravan t mobile wifi booster RV. 15m length USB cable supplied as standard accommodates for this. We can also supply additional 15m USB cable extensions.

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Using the Wifi Bat is very straightforward, simply install the software from the supplied CD, then plug in your Wifi Bat to your USB port and you’re ready to go! Simply double click on the wifi hotspot you wish to connect to. High Power Wifi Bat Antenna, 15m USB cable, Software Installation CD, Quick Start Guide. Customer Reviews Do you have any feedback for us on your Wifi Bat? We’d love to hear from you! So far we’ve already had reports of customers achieving a 10 mile range on their Wifi Bat! See below for other customer feedback.

We are anchored off Deltaville boat yard using the Wifi Bat and comparing it to our experience with the . We see more links with greater single strengthwe have a faster and very stable link. A previous booster would show good strength but the signal would cut out every few minutes. Pizza Express free wifi nearly half a mile away with numerous buildings inbetween!